Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms: All Stone, Tile and all other products must be paid in full prior to arranging pick up or delivery. The material is the property of Aeon Stone & Tile until it is paid in full. All materials on hold will be acknowledged only with a 50% deposit or a purchase order from an approved account holder with Aeon Stone & Tile. Once the deposit or purchase order is issued to Aeon it is up to our discretion to cancel an order as arrangements could be made to order more material from our suppliers. The deposit will be a non refundable deposit unless written arrangements have been made otherwise.

Aeon Stone & Tile is not to be held liable in any cause of action resulting from use of any material or product. Aeon Stone & Tile makes no expressed or implied warranty of suitability for any particular purpose or application. All agreements are subject to unforeseen conditions such as delays of containers during transit, transport, material procurement delays, strikes, etc that are beyond the control of Aeon Stone & Tile. If materials are not in stock and need to be re-ordered or are special order products, we provided best possible time frame scenarios based on past experience. These time frames can change due to unforeseen circumstances as mentioned above and could vary. Aeon Stone & Tile will do everything possible to bring these materials in the time frame provided but are not responsible for any claims arsing due to materials not arriving on time.
All products are subject to variation in color, flow, grain, tonality, spotting, veining, shade and texture. The samples or pictures submitted are mere representations of the products and could vary from the final product supplied. These variations are due to natural characteristics of the stone and change each time a new block is quarried. We shall not be liable for normal variation in tolerances, weights, dimensions, beveling, chipping and straightness. Please allow for 15% – 20% additional for wastage in your order count due to above mentioned natural characteristics.

All materials (tiles, mosaics, slabs, etc) need to be inspected before leaving our warehouse, showroom or the delivery site. Once the material leaves our premises or from any of our provided locations or upon delivery, Aeon Stone & Tile shall not be liable for any claims on the material. All material is in good condition at the time of pick up or delivery and should be inspected. No claims are accepted if materials are not inspected and especially after installation. All slabs for countertops, fireplaces or custom slabs for floors should be inspected before being picked up by the fabricator purchasing the material or the fabricator selected by the purchaser for completing the project. No claims will be accepted after materials are picked up.
Aeon typically sells material by the square foot (12” x 12” or 305 x 305) but certain materials could be 300 x 300 to allow for grout joints.

Conditions of Returns: 
All stocked products and special order products purchased are considered a final sale. Only upon prior approval can materials be returned. No returns will be accepted after 30 days. All returned materials must be accompanied by the original invoice and payment receipt. There will be a 25% re-stocking fee applied to all tile and slab orders returned within this period. All tiles must be returned in full unopened boxes that are not damaged. Returns are subject to inspection by Aeon Stone & Tile and returns may not be accepted for various reasons such as: tile material not in original boxes, material used, damaged, or slabs damaged, scratched or cracked, current batch not in stock, etc). No returns accepted on special orders. Special order purchase orders cannot be cancelled and payment is due upon arrival.

Aeon Stone & Tile uses their own names to market the products. These names are standard only to Aeon Stone & Tile. Under no circumstance should these names be mixed with any other product from another company and Aeon Stone & Tile should not be held responsible for such a mix up if material is not purchased from Aeon Stone & Tile.