Stone Couture Design Quartz

Stone Couture Design Quartz is a technically advanced quartz product that preserves all aesthetic value, high durability and intended to be used effectively for over the years. Stone Couture Design Quartz is a combination of extreme high quality with a wide range of designer selected colors and potential range of multi uses.

Stone Couture Design Quartz offers a versatile product while maintaining the superior hardness, resistance to impact and flexural strength, and antibacterial treatment that allows for easy cleaning. This revolutionary high quality product is a decorative combination of beauty and sophistication perfect for your detailed finishes. Such combination of one of the hardest materials makes Stone Couture Design Quartz the perfect product for Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom / Vanity Tops, Flooring, Wall Coverings, and many more.

With years of research and thoughtful process our designers have worked hard to create colors that suite all design needs. As Product designers we understand the needs of designers these mixtures of colors make an exquisite quartz countertop that will match any cabinetry, flooring and backsplash. Stone Couture Design Quartz is composed of 93% – 94% pure technological quartz, 5% agglomerate polymer in high quality polyester or natural resins and 1% pigments for the most colors. As Quartz being one of the hardest minerals in the world, which gives Stone Couture Design Quartz countertops exceptional levels of scratch resistance and stain resistance.

When selecting a quartz countertop please consider that Stone Couture Design Quartz Countertops have been made using the latest and the most advanced technology. With the transformation of nature’s beauty and the hardest materials we have created this extraordinary resistant with astounding beauty thus making Stone Couture Design Quartz Countertops the first choice for any application.

Stone Couture now available at Aeon Stone and Tile in Vancouver and Seattle. Quartz Countertops Vancouver

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